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Royal Mail

DM60 with integrated scale

No more wasted time or money, this MailMark ready desktop DM60 digital mailing system with built-in scale is ideal for small businesses. It will give you exact postage every time as well as savings, convenience and efficiency.

Key Features in brief:

  • Automated tariff updates eliminate surcharges
  • MailMark™ compliant machines are network connected for faster and more frequent downloads
  • Integrated scale calculates the correct postage -never guess or overpay again
  • Access all Royal Mail UK and overseas postage rates at the touch of a button
  • Project a professional image for your business, five preloaded advertising slogans included
  • Postage funds remain secure, protected by PIN code
  • Prints postage for all envelope and package sizes
  • Accounting for up to 10 departments, allowing postage
  • class and spend to be tracked
  • Ability to access postage data via Pitney Bowes INVIEW™
  • online postage reporting

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